Best pet to have?

Hey. According to the dungeon quest wiki, the imp gathers items and gives you a rare item that you can trade in 5 normal items, the fairy gives you potions and the hound gathers gold for you. Considering I don’t use potions much, I’m not going to get the fairy. I have a magic hound from the start but I have a space for another one. I have noticied that the pets now have a green background. Are green background pets better or is it just for ascetics? I’m a level 19 at the moment so from what I hear the pets are going to get more expensive. Is this true? Also, is it more beneficial to wait for later levels to get a pet? Thanks!
(Side note: I play as the warrior if that makes a difference)

Green "eternal pet " double the stats
Red “Legend pet”

The pet you want will be mostly based upon your build. Stats are more desirable over pet function. That “second slot” is for trophies that you receive from the chests that you win in the arena. The green pets are Eternal pets, and the red are legendary. When an item is eternal, its stats are doubled. When farming, I use an imp with beneficial stats. You will develop your own preference. :grinning: It doesn’t matter whenever you obtain a pet, either. Just farm away for everything.
You’ll grasp everything eventually.
Just ask on the forums (personally or openly) when you have a question.
Refer to this guide made by a cool guy (we won’t mention names(Skaul(me))) for tips:

Welcome to the world of DQ. :smile:
Enjoy your stay, and make sure your floatie functions correctly. :sunglasses:


How do we get a Eternal Pet? Make it? It drops?
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