Best single hit in battle arena = 2.19M


What is your best single hit in the Battle Arena?


Is your kraken warrior released yet?

Search for the screenshot of cronos4321 Rogue… That is the best single hit ever in Battle Arena :joy:
150k DeadlyStrike :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Yes i remember when he posted that insane damage. The one I posted above is version 2.2.

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Oh I see. Mine was 53k Deadly Using Earthshatter Build of Warrior, Taunt + Earthshatter in Eternal League. Dont have Screenshot here because I already delete it.



That’s great! This thread is for fun. I know the damage I posted is not the best by a long shot.

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Wow that’s a lot I only do like 6k highs in there haha

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That’s still really good and thank you for sharing. :smiley:



Thanks and no worries :smiley:

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Decided to do some tests in the current meta since i haven’t played PvP in a long time.



Boom headshot! Yeah game changer ftw. :smile: . looks like immortals will be outta there.



Nice. This is EZ. Well this arena sure looks like its gonna be more fun.

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Yes, this will eliminate Storm Rogues and Immortals in <1 sec.

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Man I max 20k with barrage crits in PvP ._. How are you managing 500k lol



Having these insane amount of damage means your set and affixes are perfect… Rerolling affixes to get your desired one needs alot of crystal. Alot of crystals means alot of gaming and farming… You guys are great :heart_eyes:



Anyone can do it and you see the evidence. Now that people know it can be accomplished, anyone can climb to the top very fast. This was just a proof of concept test and can be made more powerful with a little optimization. I can’t wait to start seeing other players post much higher damage



.. But I’ve got capped crit damage and am using 6 sets to boost damage as is .. Every time I see peoples screen shots I just get more and more lost lol

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You are doing great if you are already getting 20K crit with Barrage and you are top position in Eternal Div 2. I have been playing DQ for a few years now, so don’t be discouraged.



@Mr_Scooty s ir i want to ask you about something if you discover5-6 anti-immortal savage crit builds for every class do you plan to share immortal build then? I have no interest on it but it eats me inside not knowing this secret… and i cant playbarena becuz i am so busy :tired_face: just so you know if you see there will be a balance in there…

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No plans to release the real craft at this time.



1 hit delete build maaayyygaaad!! .
Immortal build for me u just need patience and storm proc 11-12 round they cant carry your storm hahaha thats my secret how to defeat their immortal