Best way of farming items?

I reached lvl100 and floor 200. Playing on Mythic 3 difficulty. I started going with maps at 202+ at the moment but is it worth going higher and slightly slower or should I keep re-doing floor 200 ? I am playing wizz with Storm and Poison (blight, poison dmg etc).

Any tips ?

Then reset your level to 1 idk what is the name on the shop that give you a perks… Try to spam 197 or 198 the mobs there is all meele

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Farming, Climbing Floors, or getting Perks (they improve your ability to Farm).

if you’re looking for better Items to have a stronger build later for climbing floors, then just have a build that has lots of Luck & Gold Find with Item Drop, with the rest of the build for killing monsters and staying alive. just hang out on floor 200 until you Craft your better Floor Climbing Build, get to floor 500, then make a Farm Build that can Farm on floor 500, get more Loot for an even higher Floor Climbing Build.

if you want Perks, just kill monsters on floor 100-110, as experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100. put 6 Quest stones on your Gears, and kill monsters fast to get all the Perks.

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