Best way to farm Crystal without Crystaline items


My gear not good enough to farm lvl 350+ yet to get any Crystaline item what can one do till them


Gather lots of dust and craft eternal items worth 50 dust then convert


On map 200… Buy map in floor 200 (lots) repeatedly. Salvage legend items to dust and convert useless eternal and crystal items to crystals. buy cheap eternals on codex ( about 50 dust ). Then convert to rare crystals.= ez farming for rare crystals.


Thank for advice does it have to be mystic 3 in order for this to work I know drop rate better on my 3 but I find myself dying more then I would care to???


If you can reach floor 350 then map 200 would be easy for you. You can also just lower the difficulty. When putting stats place all your stats on health. Place damage affixes on your gear also hp+ vamparic touch and fauns gift would be ideal for farming.