Best way to farm crystals and mythstones?

I’ve completed all 200 levels (on epic/legend/a little mythic 1), and am level 99 with my rogue (pistoleer). I’ve looked through the forum at the various ways to farm, and had some questions.

a) regarding playing maps up to level 350 - does it matter what difficulty? many of my maps are epic level.

b) when you purchase/create a second character - does each character have their own bags, but the stashes are shared? Or are both separate, but if you hire the 2nd when playing as the 1st, does everything go to the 1st? I’m unclear regarding the whole hire/2nd character thing, if someone wouldn’t mind explaining.

c) mostly for the devs - how will the full set of crystals/mythstones work? just simply once you’ve upgraded to the new patch, they’re there? or is there something to do on our end (as the user) to notify you?

Thanks all - it’s a nice community here that I enjoy reading.

A. Epic map = more map affix = it should be harder. Some legends are drops on floor 300+ (Cataclysm ring for example)

B. Each character has 4 personal bag, stashes/premium stashes are shared between characters. About hireling, if you have a warrior and a wizard, your picked up items will be put directly to bags of the one that can equip it.

C. You’ll receive beta testing rewards just like the way you receive Arena ones.

That ring is meant to be 300+?I have it 3 times now and just broke floor 110 either I’m lucky or bug Idk

It’s a bug