Best way to farm enslaver?


I’m trying to get a legend pet hell so far no luck always getting elements pet is there a faster way to kill 150 enslaver? Its like 1per map.


Buy pet booster, and farm at floor 2


See above :wink: monster boost at floor 2. Every floor has an enslaver. You will get legend or eternal pets eventually


Even better. When monster boosted buy lots of low maps but open from floor one . You get one enslaver and 2 cartographer per floor. When you get legend maps make sure you kill enslaver . More chance of legend


Enslavers usually spawn near a cartographer or a shrine somewhere in a map. You could find them in the upper or lower corners left or right sides. If you played maps long enough, you can guess where enslavers will be with fair accuracy especially when farming fast.
Yes monster boost is very helpful though but if you don’t have it, rush the map and if no enslaver, restart. If monster boost, rush only for enslaver and nothing else most of the time for fastest efficient pet farms. Sometimes just casually farming and i already get 100 pets without realising how fast the time went.


Thank you all decided to go 400+ for chances of mythic spawn also count as low level doesn’t count .


Try and Wear and item from the eternal set


Put some narodji bonus . and keep clearing a map .while farming/hiking . and always look for advertisement sometimes giving monster spawn . then go to floor 2 coz its small after killing enslav restart and do it again on the same floor .


Remember floor 400 easy counts towards quest. Just complete it on mythic 3 all jazzed up in luck


The frequence to drop eternal pet is randomly or only after killing a certain amount of Enslavers?

Assuming that Enslavers feats only count on floor 400+, when I farm at floor 399- this count still works in a hidden way or is it simply random the chance to appear a mythical Enslavers?


Any legend pet drop when wearing eternalized set item item can drop as eternal. Completing the mythiic enslaver quest guarantees it and of the 6 legend pets I’ve found only 2 have been dropped by completing the eternal pet drop.


Easier way to think of it. Any enslaver will drop a pet. The more luck you have and the more enslavers you can kill then the more chance of an eternal pet you have. While monster boosted you get an enslaver per floor. If you have eternalized as a set affix then the chance of any drop being eternal increases.


there are 2 different types of Enslaver Feats. the first one drops a Legend Pet when you complete the Feat. this one can be done on any floor, but I don’t think it can be done on the first floor. the second one drops an Eternal Pet when you complete the Feat. this one has to be done on Floor 400+, and requires you to defeat a number of Epic Enslavers to get Legend Enslavers, and a number of Legend Enslavers to get the Mythic Enslaver, which drops the Eternal Pet. the number of Enslavers you need to defeat are in the Codex > Feats.
Legend Pets can drop randomly outside of doing the Feats, but is a very rare chance, and the Eternal Pets can drop outside of the Feats, but is an ultra rare chance. I only use very rare and ultra rare to give you an idea of how low the chances are of them dropping.
Luck increases the chance of these Pets to drop, Nadroji can help with dropping Legend Pets, and Eternalized can help with the Eternal Pets, but it wont be like they drop every map.
the Monster Boost you get for completing the Orb Feat, or that you purchase in the shop, will put an Enslaver in every map for the duration of the boost.
one way of farming faster for the Pet you want is to ignore the monsters in the way and just go kill the Enslaver and then go to the next map.
other than that, just do a search on farming for pets.


@dickward can you clarify eternal set drop legend? More details I can’t understand that I th out sterilize set is for eternal items.


After floor 350 mythic 3 you can find the boundless cap which has the "eternalized " set name. It simply increases your odds


Nadroji affects pet rarity. Affects “powerful enemies” aka epic or higher rarity enemies where legends only drop out of. I mean legends such as Defiant legends, Nadrojis, Ragnarok and other rare legends only from epic+ enemies and a fairly rare chance. Rarer than normal legends.

Since I think Enslaver probably counts as “powerful” enemy and now there are epic enslaver, legend enslaver and mythic enslaver. Also that legend pets drop only from enslavers but can be earned from feats. I did think I had more legend pets when I wore nadroji vs removing it even before I thought about it.


35 Enslaver to go… (crossedfingers) for Eternal Merlin’s IMP.