Best way to find an Insolence Hatchet?

I’ve started to build my own build but I can’t find any Insolence Hatchet, can someone explain me what is the best way to get it?

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The best way too farm an insolance hatchet would be too farm floor 200+ with a hunter ring (which is a mythic affix or the hunter perk and focusing on killing the epic tier enemy’s that spawn from shrines :relaxed:

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I wish dungeon quest can trade items or has an auction house , I got 5 of them on my stash wish I can give all to you

Nice one, I’ll try that, thanks so much

Farm above floor 200 and keep farming until you get one as a warrior. The best way to get rare legends is having nadroji amulet and nadroji robe on your farming gear with the nadroji bonus to increase chances of magic+ enemies to spawn to rare enemies but not above. Rare legends are more likely to be found from magic and above enemies since the quote says " found from powerful enemies above floor 200". That means only found from magic enemies and above and even mythic enemies have a chance to drop it but in eternal version.

Best way to get insolance hatchet is get a full fledged farming gear (such as fortune bringer) with 200% item drops (300% if your using hirling since you get free 100% item drops over cap if you have hirling), 650% luck total (850% when fortunate is active) and have nadroji ring/amulet with the nadroji robe for the nadroji bonus to be active. You will have nadroji (6) and also increased chance to find rare legends already because the enemies are magic+ rarity.

Also since legends have gotten easier, rare legends could be found from destruction imp achievement and collect items achievement as well as the mythic enemy eternal item achievement I think. Also legend enemies drop legend item drops which have a chance to be rare legend (increased with nadroji (6). Its worth having hunter perk or ring (along with enshrined if you have that perk) because epic enemies already have an increased chance to find legends I believe and also if you defeat (38 if you got accomplished) 50 epic enemies, a legend enemy spawn and since legend item always drop after defeating a legend enemy, it has that chance to be rare legends.

I think rare legends could be found from chests but not sure because of new description. It is even higher chance to find from legend map or even eternal map if your willing to.

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Can I get it from the 200th floor boss?

Probably but I wouldn’t advise you to keep going at him to get it. A faster method is just farm floor 201 maps or above with proper farming gear and speed through the floor (destroying every enemies there is and crates/chests/grass/barrels/skulls if you can) and packsize map is best for the job (especially with magic enemies or rare enemies % on the map and even nadroji bonus to find rare legends).

Ok then, it’s time to equip my nadroji helm xD

Nadroji helm is good for farming rare legends but when you create a proper farming gear (fortune bringer for eg), the head and weapon should be eternalized and crystalline or crystalline with mythical or eternalized with mythical. If you haven’t reach floor 350, thats ok I understand but if you do reach floor 350+ and find hats with eternalized, mythical or crystalline, consider using them for your farming gear. If you want two of them, the head must be one of them and weapon like glinting hammer or immortal wand should be another one of them. The nadroji is best on nadroji amulet or ring and the robe itself to fulfill the actual bonus itself.

For now keep your nadroji helm but when you reach floor 350 and read fortune bringer guide, I think you should reconsider your options.

Fortune bringer is the best farming gear because you can still deal huge dps while having maxed out farming affixes because hirling should be pure dps and the farming build can farm as many floors as the dps build can destroy and handle.
Warning, it costs alot of obsidan and rubys as well as grinding alot for certain gears such as nadroji amulet, nadroji robe, eternalized/crystalline /mythical head or weapon as well as maybe grinding for a crystal cornucopia horn/skull with a free 225% crystal gold affix and maybe a fauns gift ring with crystal luck 225% affix.

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So you’re 100% sure that magic enemies can drop it?

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Yup. Powerrul enemies means magic and above enemies. Nadroji bonus increases chances of finding magic and rare enemies, therefore higher chance to find rare legend along with nadroji (6).

Ok thanks for all

It would be great, but devs won’t do u till they get rid of cheaters editing items, otherwise auction will be full of cheated gear

Not all the time Epic enemies drops a legend or rare legends. Most of the time…they drop blue or yellow items. I don’t know if I’m just unlucky or my luck is way too low. I got Nadroji Helm, Ring and Chest. But I can’t find the Nadroji Amulet yet. It’s too hard to find one…for me. Even Mutiny or Insolence…I’m having a hard time farming those.