Billion Damage Club

I had totally messed up my Pure Crushing Flames Build, and my Reflection Farm Build wasn’t meeting my expectations. so I pulled out an older Farm Build I had, and noticed it had too much Luck, so I pulled it out, and. . .put in Glasscannon! wow! big difference! I was slowing down around floors 900-920, so this was a good thing. then I took out 2 Twister Proc’s and put in 2x +10 Amplify, and now my 30% Deadly Strike is getting a few Billion Damage hits. I have gotten a Billion Damage with Crushing Blow and Crushing Flames before, so getting a Billion Damage without CB & CF is kind of cool. :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:


Yea it’s cool. Now you should try the CFF combo. Its really OP.:grin::fist: Crushing flames + Frozen.


Lol, i just messsed up my wiz frozen orb build too @Golem . It used to deal septillion+ damage before I did some tweeking to make rooms for farming affixes (item drops, Luck, Epiphany). Now for some reason I can’t bring it back to its former glory :sob: . Lesson learned, don’t mess around with already awesome things :sweat:

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to be honest, my Pure Crushing Flames Build had all 4 CF items with 2 other Legend items that were good with a Fire Element Build. it was good up to about floors 400-600 I think, but up around 900+, not so good, even when I added Demonic and a bunch of Crystal affixes. I can see it has potential, but I need to rethink it. I had another build that had CF as part of the build, and it did great, but I was trying for an only CF Climbing type of build with the CF items as the foundation, so now I have an idea of where to go, I just need to get loot again.

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