Billion fold world

Hi’ this is the first share my build everyone. I can call it (Billion Fold World)

I think the spacial skill in the (MH) Storm and then the (OH) scalp. Now get ready for rebuild goodluck​:point_up_2::blush:


Wow" I can do it for my rouge thankyou Sir".:blush: by the way.why you can call that Billion fold word I think its a billion DMG right.:money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Do it first @MAGDALO and if you found the result.:wink:


if you have 20 points in Dexterity, you could take off the +14.2% Movement Speed on OH and put Sprint Proc for chance for some spike DMG with Momentum. Move Speed Affixes and Dexterity Speed boost can only go up to +50% together, the other +50% can come from Sets & Skills.

actually, the 3x Move Speed (+45%) and 10 points in Dexterity (+5% Move Speed) would get you to the +50% cap for affixes. Adventurer is +37.5% Move Speed with Gold Indicator, and Sprint Proc would be +25%, so with Sprint Proc active and Gold Indicator active, you would have +100% Movement Bonus for +50% DMG with Momentum. when there is no Gold around for Adventurer to activate, you can still get the +25% boost with the Sprint Proc when it activates.


(FloorHighKing) The billion fold power can cut pica the giant stone.
All enslaver is easykill or any giant in the map.