Black Map


I don’t know if that is normal or someone had this before, but my map was black the full round
anyone can explain why?

edit: happened again, one is before, other is after buying map reveal



Never seen that before.

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This has happened to me a few times. Reload the game and the glitch disappears.

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that’s true, but can you explain how this happened? :slight_smile:

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@GermanyPro explored new map and if you see it again.:point_up::wink:

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this is very rare for me but does happen… you could try backup your account and re-download the game, did this occur on previous patches too?
also what device are you playing on?

as for why, it might be a loading error, either the phone cant keep up with read speeds or might be lack of memory

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Also happened to me on few occasions. Nothing too worrisome though. :wink:



works fine here. never had that glitch issue on my device. but what about Night Maps?

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just was 2 times on this patch, nothing more, no big deal :slight_smile:
i’m using a samsung galaxy s9
maybe it’s because of the memory, could be right, well thank you all for your awnsers :blush:

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those maps weren’t bugged, but just really dark. some Poison & Fire Maps are dark like that. I think with some devices they were really dark. I am not sure if adjusting your screens brightness helped with these maps or not.

I used to not like these maps because I couldn’t see the monsters in time and died a lot. now I just try to kill everything before I get killed by something I didn’t see in time.

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nah that isn’t true, my brightness is always on max and they are really black, not dark

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thx. when I get those maps, I just fight through them. I also did +brighten, but not much improvement, just remembered.