Black / Maps in Act 2

i have the issue that since the last 2 or 3 days when i play act 2 i get black maps and can only orientate on the map lines.
only the boss itself and the 2 levels before are affected by this issue - the first levels are fine^^

the wooden destructibles are visible but everything that belongs to the map is just black and it starts to get annoying…

someone has a tip what i can try?

floor level sir?

09, 10 + Boss
29, 30 + Boss
49, 50 + Boss
69, 70 + Boss
89, 90 + Boss
and so on…

i was able to fix it now:

  • first i saved my progress to the cloud, then i deleted the stored app-data on my device
  • after restarting the game the “application setup” downloaded the files again
  • i linked my account and downloaded my chars but the issue was not resolved
  • then i deinstalled the whole game and re-installed it from playstore
  • after linking the account and downloading the characters again - the issue seems to be resolved (for now)

great and watch out for challenge map some are just a pitch black map

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what kind of device are you playing on MrSnake?

The issue occured on my Galaxy Note 10.1 that is running on Android 4.4