Bleed and Fire Damage... Really DQ?

@Refia @SteigerBox and any other developer that would like to provide comment.

Battle Arena is a joke right now.

62K Bleeds? Really? Couple that with Fire Damage and you went from exploiting a bug known as Default doing 30K Defaults to now 62K Bleeds and Fire Dots. Why even call them DOTS. Why not just rename bleed and fire dots to I Win Buttons.

I have read threads as far back as Oct of 2014 where people were asking about why bleed damage is so high. Why have you not even looked at this? To me, this is a game breaker. Do you have any comment or concern in regards to how screwed up Battle Arena is? Why have you not looked into this as this really is destroying the Battle Arena? Do you even know why bleed Damage is so high? Or, is this your intention for players to two shot people with fire dots and bleed dots and this is just business as usual?

And before anyone comes in here and claims I am crying, I am currently riding high in first place in Eternal. My concern is for the health of the Battle Arena. Some of us actually care about balance.


Refia isn’t a developer. :sunglasses:

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use Perseverance and total AR hope this will help

Save the remedial comments please.

Do you have a screenshot of that 62K bleed, sir? Just curious.

I do. I understand that it is a deadly strike but bleed is a damage over time affect. 62K in a 30 second fight for one ability is way over the top and hardly constitutes damage over time. Anyone who defends the current bleed and fire dot damage has no concept of balance. I mean, you might as well un-nerf Default and let that be viable again. And yes, I fought you once and your clogon clone but with fire dot and bleed dot with skulldraga and enigma does the same, I just didn’t get a screenshot of your damage. I certainly understand why players will be defensive of this as without bleed and fire dot damage they’d be garbage. I fought you prior to this and you were a good fight. With bleed and fire dots it has become a joke.

Isn’t that why you posted this? Or are you looking for a remedial answer?
If it’s been so long, they’re either looking into it, or it’s intended. Either way, they know what’s going on.
Also, please don’t be so abrasive when you post things. Seeing that you are truly concerned for the game is wonderful, but you’re quite harsh. It makes people want to ignore you/use you as bait.


I am not a dev. I am just someone, who is taking care of Forum and Bug list :slight_smile:
During the testing phase, there are already some tries to balance it. Like adding Clotting on Trophies or the Perseverance affix.
The best would be to wait for Steiger to answer your concerns in Dev Q&A.


You say that fire and bleed is op but how about cerebral vortex from finding it way too hard to defeat frustration and many other certain builds. in some builds, 62k bleed and fire is nothing to them and i heard of a certain build that could destroy frustration in seconds somewhere.

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like what they say. you cant have it all. Sure 62k bleed is op, but lets think there for a moment, why does he even inflict 62k dot onto you? maybe yor build focuses too much on power and not on defense


@f00kee was right and look its a deadly (x2 crit) it is possible to get it that high…try some defense build and that dmg wont do again

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I’ll defend knutz here. He has always had competitive builds and isn’t new to the arena. I agree that the “dot” aspect is the new default and it is frustrating even with a defensive build.

Saying, “stack defense” isn’t going to right the issues at hand. That was from one hit… so even if he defends against that dot another will be coming soon enough. It is still, and seems to always be, all power and whoever gets first hit wins. It really isn’t hard to hit and stealth so you’re immune to damage while they burn…

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Most PvP in games is usually determined by who obtains the first hit. There is always the chance that someone will come back midway, but having the first hit is a huge advantage.

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Don’t fight him. Run away. xD

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@Skaul: I’d hardly call my comment abrasive. I simply asked for remedial comments, like yours, to be omitted. I even asked please. Your comment was hardly needed, as you included the little cool sunglasses dude. You knew what you were doing when you posted that, let’s be honest. I know you are popular here on the boards as you are a great help to new people, so I get it. But either way, you knew what you were getting in to with that post lol. I am not in the know on who works for who and only know Refia as someone affiliated with DQ. Maybe next time you can think twice before trying to bait as well. It might help others from being “abrasive” and hurting your feelings. Having said that, if I in fact DID hurt your feelings, please accept my apology. Nothing more I can say really as it wasn’t my intention.

@CuzegSpiked: I’d agree with you on Cerbral Vortex but that can be blocked and dodged as I have come to find out. Funny but my defense to those builds is to simply not fight it. They spam me with Torrent and I block and dodge it, which in turn does them damage. Hyyy is a perfect example. He has an extremely tough build but his weakness is in fact his strength. His computer controlled ai is not smart enough to move OUT of the torrent. Bleed and Fire dots are in fact, unblockable and undodgeable. (at least in my experience) once it’s on, it ticks for an extremely high damage with no defense. If it was defendable then we’d have a different discussion. But for someone to simply cast a Skulldraga then not fight at all while the little icon hits once and starts a 100% train of undefendable fire and bleed dots is way over the top in my opinion. Maybe I am alone on this whole wanting balance thing. I know you were one of the players who used the default bug to get to the top, so maybe that is your way. don’t read into that comment as an insult, I am just using that as an example. but, I love and prefer balanced matches. maybe i am alone on that one. The most fun I have is to fight players like cronos, odb2, madbad, and ajojl or something like that. we always end in 3-2 one way or another. very balanced battles. I am not sure what you mean by frustration. Maybe you can elaborate on that.

@f00kee: Id hardly call 95% damage reduction with 42K health weak on defense. It is certainly above the average of what I see at the top. I’ll simply use your fire dot bleed build. It is weak compared to the others. You tick for 6K crit at best, which seems right on par with What I’d expect from a damage over time. you are an easy 3-0 compared to the other fire dot builds and my defense to damage ratio seems to be perfect against you. stacking more defense to lose damage would simply not be an option as I still wouldn’t do enough damage to catch up to the massive bleed fire dots. I could flip it and say you need more power but you’d have to lose what little defense you have already which would make you an even easier fight. see my point? I’ll use cronos. He has an extremely high HP count but his power is weak. I can normally override his high health with my power as my balance of defense and health will keep me alive long enough to win. him and I always win or lose with a sliver of health left on each of us, one way or another. that to me, is perfect balance. every time I see his name as a fight, I smile as I know I have to do everything perfect to win. With you, it’s not the same.

@Ijyupe: simply running away isn’t an option with skulldraga. it parks and once it hits fire dot and bleed dot is undefendable. if I could in fact kite then this wouldn’t be a problem. hopefully some of you will make it up to the top and fight some of these 30K 60K crit fire bleed builds then you will see. Trust me, I didn’t see anything this high until I got to the top of eternal. so I challenge you to make it to the top and post screenshots of you mopping the floor against kissmyaxe, tbjgh or whatever it is and rolling. if you are already at the top, please don’t be shy and post your character name. maybe we have fought already and I can comment on your build.

Let’s get one thing straight, I had a massive bleed dot fire dot build too. I jumped off the bandwagon in the top 10 and made it to 1 using a simple damage / defense build. But I have screnshots of my 11K bleed dots too. This is about game balance as a whole. having 100% crittalbe undefendable 30K+ bleed and fire dots ticking for a 30 second fight is just my opinion, over the top. oh well… I said my peace. if the devs or whoever feel this discussion is not worthy feel free to lock the thread and i’ll accept the battle arena for what you have it at. no hard feelings either way i’ll just move on.

thanks or the discussion.



That makes sense. It’s just that i’ve fought everyone at the top and i’ve never fought someone who gave me a 62k dot. I just thought maybe you need to tweak your build a little bit. Coz if I can 3-0 and beat your char in 5 secs with my average build…then they can easily beat you as well = )

Nevertheless, I agree that dot and bleed needs some nerf

Maybe I am just too old for games and forums these days, but my comment is above about four places. I am not sure how one comes off abrasive on a forum typing, but apparently I have or people have just become too sensitive on the internet these days. Either way… /shrug it is what it is.

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@f00kee: Wait until you fight kissmyaxe and rolling. 30K 100% sgtandard bleed crits followed by 11K 100% crit fire dots is standard. That’s just from their skulldraga that isn’t counting kissmyaxes enigma and shatter and rollings blinkstrike and quick attack. maybe you have and already smoke them and if you do, please pm me some pointers. I am all for learning.

I as sure I am an easy win as I am not in control of my character. plus with the lack of any sort of guide out there on how to even set up one’s ai or what yardage means or what often vs normal means or what skills operate at what yardage and so on and so forth… well that makes things even easier. for all I know my ai can go in the middle take off it’s helmet and sing the star spangled banner. in the 2v2 arena I set it up with what seems to work but I have no way of actually knowing. it’s all guess work.

Resisting the urge to troll as I am not exactly allowed to is very difficult. It’s like a sixth sense.
I’d also like to point out that arena is arena. Whether or not you participate is up to you. :smile:

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Fair enough. your advice on the arena can apply to the forums as well. :smile:

I’ve seen the error of my ways and extend apologies to anyone past present or future who might get offended due to my abrasiveness. :gift_heart: (Disclaimer: that is sarcasm and is no way intended to be abrasive. Please do not take it the wrong way.) (Please emphasized for visual identification. :smiley:)

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