Bleed chance & DMG

What is bleed? How it works?

bleed is a DoT (Damage over Time) there is an affix called Bleed Chance that has a cap of 60% that gives your attacks a chance to cause Bleed, and an affix called Bleed Damage that increases the damage that Bleed does. bleed lasts 10 seconds. there are some weapon skill, Talents, and the Blistering Affix (Legend-Red) that can also cause Bleed.

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My main build for pvp is bleed proc, is realy strong if you know how to do! Is basicly a ‘‘Frist Toutch’’ ability, for you aplly you have to hit the other hero to produce bleed damage, my only enemy in the all game is perseverance, not a player, not a monster, is a affix, is basicly defence against bleed damage our other proc like poison or immolated…, anyway, but is noting that you cant resolve whid 7 our 8 rounds!!


Also bleed deals 100% of your attacks DMG. But you can increase your bleed DMG by many % such as by Vampiric Touch set affix and epic affix Bleed DMG%. Blistering makes fire dot do Bleed DMG but it is best used in PVE since in PvP, perseverance opponents can reduce the dot by 40% or 80% so it deals a whole lot less dmg to opponents.

Blistering on fire dot when using immolate by elemental crits on Fire element can also be increased in % DMG by using Vampiric Touch and epic affix 50% bleed DMG. Best used in PvE along with Crushing blow and Crushing Flames to defeat enemies easier. On PvP, i would recommend Shock+ bleed. While bleed is still affected by perseverance, it’s not as much because the shock attack is unaffected by perseverance being a debuff element so bleed is still useful.

Also In PvE, shock+bleed is useful with Electrocution, crushing blow, vampiric touch, hirling stack debuff with your own shock stack debuff, bleed dmg , weaken and repeat attacks. Shock+Bleed is a deadly combo. Same with fire and bleed.


Thanks for tha info what about poison + shock?

Poison deals 80% dmg over 8 seconds or 10% dot dmg. Shock deals 12.% dmg per stack debuff and up to 4 stack debuffs are possible so 50% dmg increase after 4 attacks. Hirling stack debuff also can combine with main character stack debuff so theoretically you can have 8 stack debuffs and 100% more dmg.

But poisons 10% dot dmg per second isn’t the end of the story. You can increase this number to massive proportions with Blight, Plagued set, druidic+regen and Sorcery if wizard class. Another cool thing is that Plagued increases the already massively increased dot per enemy affected by poison cloud. Poison cloud also deals a huge amount of dmg based on how high the dot dmg is. 10% dot and then *400% because of poison cloud for more dmg per second.

Poison+shock means high poison cloud dmg and then buffed by Stack debuff. It could apply per enemy also if many enemies were attacked by shock.