Bleed Chance

Hi, does Scalp skill guarantee a bleed? And what is the recommended bleed chance to maximize bleed dmg? Lastly, what is bleed chance and bleed dmg’s cap?

Thank you.

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Scalp gives a guaranteed 100% bleed chance. The remaining questions can be answered by @Golem


I don’t really know… Those questions are really confusing… :melting_face: :thinking:

Scalp gives has a 100% chance to cause Bleed. when you put Hero Points into Scalp, it also increases the damage of Bleed.

Bleed Chance has a Cap of +60%. you can raise the Cap using Epiphany Set.

Bleed Damage +50% doesn’t have a Cap. you could go +350% Bleed Dmg… or even higher with Eternal Items with Bleed Damage (Eternal Items affixes are doubled).

when not using Scalp or other Warrior/Rogue Skills/Talents that give a Bleed Chance, the amount of Bleed Chance should be based on your APS/Cooldown/Attack Frequency. if these are high, 20% to 30% should be ok, but if your attack is slow or has a low APS/Attack Frequency, 40% to 60%.

Vampiric Touch Set increases Bleed Dmg at the cost of HP Regen. I think it also increase HP.

Berserker Set Bonus gains 500% Bleed Damage with 2 Berserker Set Equipped.

there are Warrior & Rogue Skills & Talents that increase Bleed Dmg.

any class using Fire Element and some kind of Elemental Critical to cause Immolate with Blistering can cause +100% Bleed Dmg for each Blistering every time you cause Immolate.

finding the right combination that goes with your build idea is where all the hard work of testing comes in…

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these are really interesting, thank u for the response. I’m currently having fun with my poison build… what if i made my poison build for farming, then fire for pvp/climbing floors?

it all comes down to the synergy of your Play Style & Elements & Skills & Build. and with PVP you also have to take into consideration your opponents Builds & Battle Arena constraints.

if you like your build but Poison isn’t doing what you want it to do… or Fire is doing amazing but the Skills you are using are boring or frustrating…

I think it’s possible to have a boring Farm Build that brings in a lot of Treasure and a Floor Climbing Build you love to use and is really fun but uses an Element you think is boring or sucks (at least you might think it sucks compared to your favorite Element).

another thing to think about (and this is something I’ve been thinking about recently) is that some Skills & Elements do better against Mobs than others, and others do better against solo monsters and bosses, and some Skills & Element combo’s do good against both… but the question is what do you like to play with in DQ?

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Another thing, does Bleed DMG boost the Blistering effect? or does the bleed only get stronger based on Fire damage?

+50% Bleed Damage affects all Bleed. with +600% Blistering and +350% Bleed Damage. 1 x 7 (Blistering) x 4.5 (Bleed Dmg) = x31.5 Bleed Damage.

if you used Scalp with Scalp 40 & Fire Element it would be 1 x 7 x 2(Scalp 40) x 4.5 = x63 Bleed Damage.

with Scalp 40 & Berserker Bonus is (1 + 5(Berserker Bonus)) x 7 x 2 x 4.5 = 6 x 7 x 2 x 4.5 = x378… I think.

Warrior has a few Skills and a Talent that increase Bleed Damage, Rogue has Whirling Blades for more Bleed Damage, and Vampiric Touch Set increases Bleed Damage.

and just think… if the attack was a Deadly Strike that caused Bleed…and Bleed can have a chance to Critical Hit & Deadly Strike also, you are looking at even higher damage!

because Bleed can be so powerful, this is why Perseverance is used in PVP to nerf it, but not everyone uses Bleed or Perseverance…

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