Blessed nature

I was wondering if blessed nature description was exact.

With a hat of blessed: 6461 all resist
With a hat of evasion: 6414 all resist

I checked, none of the items had all resist and 6414 * 1.15 = 7376 so what is going on? I have 1423 armor. (I know the talent depends of armor)

Blessed and Protection nature’s are bugged and do not currently work as expected.


And how do they work?

There are a few bugs in this game like the dreaded cyclone mythic which non of us understand :roll_eyes: I only tried it once. You spin around like a fool unable to cast spells then something kills you.

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even if you add 15% instead of multiplying, the numbers are still off. this would be a nice thing to get debugged, or replace Blessed & Protection with 2 totally new Natures.

+5% Weapon DMG for one, call it Attack or Offense. +2.5% Block for the other, call it Shield or Parry.

there are still 5 other Natures to use (I don’t use Evasion because it only gives +1.5% Dodge, I consider the other 5 to be more useful).

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