What is the upper limit :sweat_smile:

200%???? :sweat_smile:

There is no cap for blight, blistering, high voltage, frostbiting and celestial. You can get 600% using no eternals and with eternals, if possible, you can get 1200% blight. The orange hue at 200% blight just means it is pretty good. Still, having 6 blight affixes can be pretty good depending on a build but it is a matter of balance.

When i meant there is no cap, i mean no cap in stats page but blight is only limited by how many gear you have. The maximum limit you can get if you use eternals is 1200% but you can theroitically get more since theres no cap but it is impossible to get more than 1200% blight through legit practical means. With normal gears, you can only get 600% blight because remember, blight is only limited by how many gears you have, not the stat cap.

Hope this clears everything up :thumbsup: :smile: :blush:


thank you :grin: :grinning: :laughing:

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