Blink Build 550-700+

so far only the purple elites on floor 500+ can only 2 shot me, while above 550+ the purple elites can finally 1 shot me

Set combo
Scoundrel + Ninja + Epiphany + Pathfinder + Angelic + Deadly Arts + Momentum


  • Mutilate
  • Relentless
  • Remedy
  • Deadeye


  • Scoundrel’s Disloyalty (shock element for more DMG)
  • Eternal Voute

Mythic Affixes

  • Ruptured (why Ruptured and not Brutal? it being a separate multiplier, it statistically does more DPS)
  • Fury (unlimited mana for primary skills and bonus dmg for specials)

Crystal Affix

  • 1 Reduced CD

the rest is whatever affixes that complements with the build

  • ignore resist
  • max out dodge and deadly strike if possible
  • 1 extra Blink Proc (on top of the Eternal Voute already gives)

hi love your build and music you should try enigma and discordance mythic to make your blinkstrike faster and hunger set for attackspeed and reduce cd, try also mirror with enigma with smoke bomb as its main just my idea that’s all and happy gaming and keepsafe.

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i think having discordance will only lower my overall DPS as both my quickstrike and blinkstrike are equally very high, high enough at even 700+ floors im killing purples in just a few seconds, in terms of DPS i think it can even go up to 1k floors

not to mention having fury gives blinkstrike 100% more DMG (with 100% uptime since i dont use special skills)

also since im not spending any mana with fury, hunger set will also give me 0 bonuses