Block affix items


So if i cant get block affix using obsidian on which itemsi can find block affix… Currently using wizard+rogue hireling


Only OH can be use Obsidian to have Block Crystal Affix




My pistol rogue uses these for block


Where’s the block


you can use crystals to get Epic or Crystal Block on the OH weapon, or find random items with block on the OH. the only way to get Block on non OH items is to find them on other Warrior Legend/Eternal items. if you want Block on other non Warrior non OH items, you need to Jasper those items to the other class.
@dickwad’s screenshots have Block in the 4th spot on the first one, and the 5th spot on the second one. they were Jaspered from Warrior items to Rogue items.


50 percent block :slight_smile:


i saw some post on warrior having Block on his MH.


Yeah that’s possible by a dropped legend such as Lederers Lance for example and there are other items such as Frost raven to allow block on any item but officially, Block can only be added on offhand by Obsidian or Topaz crystal.



from this thread. that monstrous build.



We can make it like this:

All of them with Fire Element without Horn.

ED%(L),Bomb Proc,IR,ECD%,CB©
Horn(with Taunt):CF
Block©,ECD%,ED%(L),Bomb Proc,Nova
CF+,Immo DMG%,CDR©,Bomb Proc,ECD%
Epiphany+,ED%(L),CC©,ECD(%),+2 AoE
Bomb Proc,CD©,ECD%,Elixir,+2 AoE
Sanctuary,Immo DMG%,Elixir,ECD%,CB©

4 Haste Nature
2 Death Nature

20 DEX…


Inferno and Permafrost can shift amongst themselves.

I think if +2 AoE is 12 yds, +4 is really enough.Cuz Taunt has 20 yds if i don’t know wrong.


Does + AOE range work with Twister ? Anyone ?


Twister,Meteor,Torrent,Taunt,Fear,Bomb,MultiShoot,Storm works with it but i didn’t test others yet.Probably works.


Now I remember. Awesome.