Block (cyan)

How can I get block enchantment? I’ve try 9 obsidian but still no luck​:pleading_face::pleading_face:

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It only appears on Offhand AFAIK.

Save your progress before doing such task next time.


My god I waste lots of obsidian… Also an item because I’m done enchanting my offhand but now i will start from the start😭


also, there are a few Warrior Items with Block, and they have a chance for the Block on them to be Crystal instead of Epic.

Block can only be rolled on OH of any Class, or just find a Warrior Item with Block, and Jasper if you are Rogue/Wizard.

Pets never have Block. :crying_cat_face:


Even the topaz crystal there is no block for the pet?

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No, I have never found or rolled Block on a Pet (even though I really want to). also, Neck Items don’t have Block on them, as you can’t roll it on them and there are no Warrior Items with Block on a Neck Item. at least the last time I checked them. I don’t think any of the new Warrior Items have Block on any neck items either.