Block on ring

I just notice the ring with block I already waste 5 obsidian and 5 legend on ring but never got a block using obsidian.
Am I to unlucky to get it on ring?, but I got a block on my OH and on other parts cant get a block

I think further in that thread Chronos talks about that. You can’t get block on a ring through Obsidian. You have to get it through a drop with block already on the ring.

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Yeah, read the whole thread. I asked him about that and he answered.

Only place you can get crystal block on ring is from the warrior’s version of frost raven… You have tko find it with the crystal already added, otherwise simply swap it with the OH’s crystal affix

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Ow so its a kinda extremely rare item then thanks for answering guys
Sorry about it kinda not reading to long post haha

Crystal affix block on eternal chest, Its impossible to have an eternal legend to have a crystal affix, I got this after I ascend and choose Treasured.

This is my second time to get an eternal legend item with crystal affix, the first one was a Jester Cap with Attack Speed crystal affix before 2.1, sadly I accidentally converted it.

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Ow men you guys are so lucky I farm for a few hours did not get any block obsidian in any legend or eternal item haha hope I will get one soon <(^_^)>

Got one guys

see if u try u will get. hehe. congratz

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Thanks sir ^^