Block vs Dodge

I searched for this, but not much luck:

What’s the difference between block and dodge? Dictionary is no help.

I recently made some changes to my Eternal Merlin’s Imp farmer and got dodge to 75%. Curious if adding block would be beneficial.

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For all practical purposes, block and dodge give the same result. Simply put, an attack that would normally hit you, doesn’t.


I thought as much, thank you.

it depends on your build. you can use both together for more defense. this is good for Wizards who can’t do a Permastealth build or +100% Block Build.

Rogue gets Dodge from Power Stat

Warrior can get +10% Block when equipping the Shield OH.

if I remember, having +60% Dodge with +60% Block gives you a +84% Defense.

when I learned I could have Dodge & Block on my builds, I usually went with +60% Dodge, +45% Block, & Sanctuary on my Wizard. now I kind of mix & match my defense options based on the build… and hope it works!

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