Blood magic and farming warriors

I’ve found an unrealhood (warrior) and was thinking of putting Blood magic in it. I have a lot of farming to do as I’ve wasted a lot of resources figuring the game out and don’t want to waste anymore.

Is blood magic a good mythic for the helm?

Also what floor can I start looking for nadjori items? I have searched the forums and seen multiple answers.


For warrior ,harmony is generally a good choice for helmet since using oh with prayer will keep mana and health full ( when using equality as resource mythic for dmg reduction)

bloodmagic is good too w/ prayer talent specialy if ur toss buid. equivalence for tanky build. energy mythic for great dmg boost works well with warrior too

as for nadjori go to codex go to item list u can find der lisy of items for each class and specific floor it starts to drop

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Dont want to say that, but Energy is crap now. The only thing you can consider to use it is becouse of free regeneration. You don’t want to run low on energy, becouse you can’t cast spells, and if you can’t cast spells, you don’t do damage. Every resource besides alchemy is better now, as alchemy is also crap becouse: 10k hp affix vs 5k mp affix make it harder for them to have equal pools. Add to that the sets for increasing mana pool are generally not usefull while sets for increasing hp pool are good. Shame I cant remove mythic without removing drop only affixes from items now, becouse I have quite few useless items now, that arent common drops.

Back on topic, Bloodmagic will be good, if you need damage resistance, go equivalence.

Energy will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

hmm hope dey fx it. but honestly i dont see any difference. my bow rogue in 2.2 patch has base stat dmg (statpage) 3.43-5.99M now in 2.3 patch stil at the same value so energy stil amplify dmg value. ididntfeel any nerf at all ive been hiking floor w/ pushlimit 50% its stil doin wel w/ just mp on hit buff from pet(dont use 80-100% push limit on energy or add barbarian 50% along w/ pushlimit 50% u definitely would run out of enrgy or not being able to cast spel). only time i run out of energy is when i enter on hit nerf 70%+ maps. but i think the regeneratinion now is much faster compare to 2.2 @Msiiek @Skaul

The resource part of Energy was buffed, yes.

The damage was nerfed, but I do believe it will be tweaked once more.

What Crystal is I can use to add prayer to something? I’ve wasted a few and the wiki isn’t exactly very clear.

Going with blood. In tests it seemed pretty rocking even without prayer

Citrine on a amulet, but you may need some trys till you get it

@soapcrates der is bug report now bout prayer talent not working well by raizen… i think it wil be fx on the upcoming patch

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Guess I better hold off for a bit then. Time to farm nads and mythics. Need that plus two or I’ll always be stuck with lower quality builds :confused:

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I am sure the devs will think of something for Alchemy. ATM it is my favorite defensive Resource as it prevents OTK’s. Use it with Desperation and you can survive any single hit. But if you get mobbed you are doomed. =P