Blood Magic and MP Absorb

So, I recently made this gear with Blood magic and it has permafrost and i have 2 questions…
What will the MP Absorb from Permafrost convert into?
Will it still absorb damage?

Bloodmagic doesn’t work with MP Absorb. It once did but it was long nerfed into oblivion.

MP in bloodmagic will be added like HP such as 7500 MP and the MP on hit acts like HP on hit. Spells cost double as you knew and at 90% HP missing , you can deal 180% more DMG. Also MP% acts like HP%.

That means high MP% increases the bloodmagic alot and combined with HP% together. Balance legend affix is great for this too.

Can be used for PvP . If bloodmagic still worked with MP Absorb, it would be OP .

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Thank you for the reply!
Now i can change my permafrost with a different set affix.

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The correct MP absorb combo is with Equivalence (Mythic resource affix) + Harmony (Mythic helm affix), you basically can’t die in PvE (unless one-shotted at very high levels). “Thorns” monster affix becomes free this way, while it is usually so annoying in HP-based builds.

I already thought of that but a good point.

I might actually make a gear like that. Thanks for the info also.

Nah, for me Alchemy does better :wink:

Yep. Equivalence immortal just isn’t as worth it as I thought because equivalence as soon as displacement of HP, it loses its effect . I would have thought it just loses effectiveness so at half Hp, equivalence only half as effective so 32.5% DMG Reduction Vs 60% but it’s just not the case.

Alchemy just works . It doesn’t have the fancy 60% DMG reduction but it does have DMG increase and it is very good with MP Absorb and Regen as I tested. I didn’t make immortal but I already e have idea of it. Also a high damage Reduction ofc.


yeah Indeed, i tested equivalence on my warrior reduction build. at some point it’ll work but then you suddenly just get that hp down and no alchemy to save up.

maybe on next patches it turns out good, who knows!

Definitely. Equivalence just can’t beat the diversion of damage recieved from Alchemy (HP-MP vice versa) which is why I could say it’s the best. With Alchemy, your survival is insured if you just know what to do with your build.

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Yep. Alchemy does take some precision and understanding but when you know what to do, alchemy ftw. I always thought it was underrated but I knew it had some great potential to exploit as I tested myself.

I haven’t tried Alchemy yet, but with my Equivalence build I take ZERO damage up to floor 1200, where I start getting one-shotted because damage taken/MP absorb heal procs are separated so if damage is higher than max hp it kills me (or procs Sanctuary).
I also think I could stack some more damage reduction sacrificing something else.