Blood magic

What are the diference between mytich and set blood magic and which is better?

Nothing they actually function the exact same way the main difference is that having the set affix of bloodmagic in the game allows players too use a resource system even if they want too put a mythic on all their gear :smile:

Ok I try to put blood magic in mytic so i can have more sets
Another question is what are resource system? Are mp and hp? Thanks for the reply :3

Resource systems are the last section close too the bottom :smile: :+1:

I already read that guide, but it doesnt explain what is a resource system. its only explain the diferents types of resource sytem :confused:
Btw i hope it is the mp and then can change to others types :v

Yes it is MP that is the base resource system resource systems are generally things that modify MP/what you use too cast skill in a large and play style changing manner

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Wait, what? :frowning: did you say that putting a Blood Magic set affix allows you to use another Mythic resource (like putting a Bloodmagic set + having a Fury mythic?) Seriously? :grinning:

No resource systems do not function together under any circumstances :smile:

Ahh I get it now :smiley: you meant to say it’s up for the player to use the set affix to reserve the slot for another mythic (not resource) or use the mythic one to reserve for another slot for Set affix. Right? :smiley:

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Yes exactly :smile:

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