Blood magic

Blood mgic how to obtain blood magic?

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get the set name blood magic

There are 2 ways:

  • Get the Mythic Bloodmagic (Hero, Gift, Clarity, Abyss)
  • Roll it with Amathyst
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Thanks for those who comment… :smiley:

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Hi Refia
Does they are intended to be strictly identical?
It seems to be differences, and i wonder if they are still there in the new patch.

I prefer asking before wasting lots of crystals :sweat_smile:

Hey! They are working exaclty on the same way. So, you won’t get any dmg bonus anymore, if you are equipping multiple pieces of Blood Magic set.

Many thanks
i was upset to see 30% damage difference between my set and my mythic BM on the previous version (i did not download the latest right now)
Glad to see this have been corrected :smile: