How do you make bloodmagic cost 0 health? Cuz i saw videos cost 0health

Link to vids?

If you are warrior use talento Prayer on amulet, it is the base of toss build for example

This does not make the cost 0. You will pay the cost first then heal up.

Oh sorry Im wrong

don’t worry too much about it. It happens very quickly so you generally do not notice it. this one and his talents isdiff from mine too xD

You can tell they are a hacker just from looking at their pet.

Oohhh i didnt know that xD btw tnx for the info

If the item has bloodmagic affix, you can make it. I have only seen 1 item like this since last year. It combines hp and mp, if you are hit, it will cost mp. Just Like mana shield