Bluestacks keyboard mapping

so I’ve been wanting to play DQ on the pic through bluestacks, however, with the standard mapping, the arrow keys are the attacks. Whenever I use the arrow keys for attacks, it moves me in the direction as well. Obviously, this is undesired. When I change the mappings in the config, although it does save, none of my new keys work at all, and the arrow keys seem to be still mapped to the attacks. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This is probably due to how games interact with the android OS and how blue stacks uses that interaction. You might search for key map modifier in blue stacks. I think it’s ctrl+alt+i

It is crtl+alt+i, however you cant change the mappings for bluestacks itself (unless I’m missing something). When you open the config file, it says it is jsut a reference for when you try to edit the mappings for specific apps. I can change the mappings for DQ, however, it doesn’t work in game.

If I use 101 standard keyboard, Up arrow and Left arrow control skills correctly.
Right arrow and Down arrow are still controlling movement.