Bluetooth pvp,pve

Since its a offline game and would take forever to make real player pvp happen how about bluetooth?

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There’s a game called Dual on Google Play and it works in bluetooth, the game by itself isn’t good, but when you play 1x1 or 2PvE it’s awsome. So a game like DQ that is already great, with some kind of Lan play would be perfect.

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always waiting for this suggetion to make it happen :smiley: this topic has been already discuss a month ago

I guess that ppl will be away suggesting it… ^^

if not misstaken this is the 3rd time with this suggetion :smiley:

I literally dreamed of having a Bluetooth setting for dq, played with friends and also challenge them. Literally! It was epic!
Until i woke up of course. XD

LOL! That feeling though lmao. I had a nightmare dream of a bug inside the phone stealing all the crystals by eating them, growing bigger and exploring the phone, scaring me to wake up. Then I realised it was a dream lol!

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Lmao xD

hope this will implemented next update

We cannot add bluetooth multi-player to Dungeon Quest. The tools we used to create the game do not support networking play.

This was a main reason we started working on a new title as well.


new title :grin: