Bombard and Nova mythic

Hey guys, need some help, i have bombard as MH weapon and Nova as OH weapon but i dont know how to increase the damage of those mythics. Another question, im not yet finished with my build and im lvl 99, should i ascension first or finish my build first? If ascension before i finish my build can i still use those armours and weapons even though im lvl 1 again?

Mythic Skills are already on their max level, no need to upgrade.

If all your gears were already lv99, you can wear it again atleast lv50 required.

there is only 2 way to increase mythic skill damage/effect, First via rare legend affix +50% (perfect rolled) mythology. u cant roll that affix from ruby as it rare one but u can get that affix from fable blade and unreal hood. the second way is craft mythical mythic on necklace, increase all mythic damage/effect by 25%.

well that sucks, i only just found plagued on my amulet and made it blood magic, used 4 zirons on that peh! now i have to spend another 4 zirons and get a elixir mystone? kill me man, haha. thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you for always helping this noob here, always answering my questions :smiley:

By the way, the fabled blade, is it for warriors or something? because i’m a wizard :slight_smile:

For wizards it’s Fabled Staff. Rogues and Warriors both have one called Fabled Blade; it’s a sword for warriors and a chakram for rogues.

But i like the wand more, can it be a fabled wand? :smiley:

How can i get a unreal hood?

Sadly, there’s no way to get a wand with Mythology. No wands, flintlocks, or lances have it.

U know what would have been great? If u could change outlook of your weapons and other staff, so your wand looks like gauntlet and etc.

Same way you get Fabled Blade/Staff - kill things above floor 350!