Boo Diablo

yep thats right Boo Diablo… as weird as this sounds i have taken a liking into this game over diablo 3(game were u cant spend gold) as funny as it is i have told a couple of my friends that have played diablo about this game and they have also taken a liking to it… same concept… but only in a phone game will it actually let u spend gold… so Dungeon quest over D3 all day… XD

:smile: Thanks very much for the support (and for getting your friends hooked as well)!

DQ is more D2 like than D3 like for sure, perfect example is the Mythstone system which is based on D2!

Buuuut I rather play DQ because of the graphics, and the new features which are coming quite often, while D2 is old and dead :smile:

Vex Hel El Eld Zod Eth


I still miss D2 sometimes, but haven’t touched it in a few years. :smile: Diablo 3 was a complete letdown for me. I had bought the CE and all, and then after a month I quit. I guess it’s a decent game by itself, but as a D2 successor it just didn’t cut it. Path of Exile is, to me, the true heir of D2.

I love DQ, and it’s in fact the only game that really pulls me in and makes me want to play every day! It reminds me much more of Torchlight (the first one especially) or Fate than Diablo, though they all overlap in one way or another. It’s definitely the best mobile game I have ever played, and if there was a Windows version, it would be pretty high up in my list of eternal favorites! Much more complex than it seems at first sight.

I love playing Fate and Torchlight. Sandbox, castle crawlers.