Boost/bonus mechanics?

I’m trying to find out how boosts/bonuses works - in the sense that if you look at ‘Monster Spawn Boost’ it seems like the bonus is added when the map loads. For example - if you have 5s left of your monster spawn boost, and you load a map - it will still have the extra mobs, a cartographer and an enslaver - they wont simply dissappear because the boost runs out.

This leads me to the next question:

IF this is how THIS bonus is applied (when the map loads) - does the same then apply to the Nadroji bonus? Can I equip it when I’m loading the map - just for the bonus/higher lvl of enemy rarity, and then replace it after I’ve entered the map.

Or am I forced to use it all the way through the map.
If anyone know - pls confirm or refute:)


U need to equip nadjori affix while killing mobs. Ur understanding on monster spawn boost is correct

The set affix I get - but the bonus - the 100% enemy rarity bonus -

I thought that was just a matter of wether there are more blue/yellow mobs than normal mobs, and I take it that a blue mob doesnt suddenly turn “white/normal” because I swap the helmet?:slight_smile:
Given the amount of stuff I dont get in this game, I might have misunderstood how the mechanic works though:)

How about our fountain of knowledge @Griffin012 - what say thee? :wink:

In the case of the boost this is because the effects take place at the beginning of the map hence the working through the entire map the nadroji bonus works similarly since it works when the mobs spawn but mobs spawn in more gradually as you explore the map so it is recommended to wear the gear with it on it at all times :smile:

Gottcha - thank you both for the input:)

:+1: :smile: