Bottomless trap holes on Ice maps

I once got stuck on an hole in an Ice map.

I dont know if you guys have experienced it or not, but once you get in, its hard to get out.

I have tried using skills like vault, blinkstrike and even mirrorimage(MI) + swap(as seen on the link images).

Time to call it quits and restart the map? Wrong! Actually the MI + swap works! I was amazed that I got out of that hole!

You need to position yourself facing the curved part of the hole, then cast MI + swap while running to the middle of the curve. That did the trick for me.

This is my experience on fixing the hole trap on an Ice map using a rogue class. Its not 100% working but atleast its one trick to use once your inside these traps.

I havent tried this to other class for now but if you have experienced this and got out, why not share it and help other players?

I hope this thread helped you guys out there who are going to be trapped in a hole in the near future. xD