Bought an Eternal fabled staff from the vendor yesterday!


17 k :joy:


@dickwad you can get Fabled Staff/Blade on floor 400+ though. :sunglasses: but im planning also to spend my dust to Eternal SDS.


I didn’t know i already unlocked my wiz eternal fabled staff, not until now when i read the post. Lol :sweat_smile:
@kiane_zaine try looking for eternal sds with crystal affix. I tried to find one but no such luck.:sweat_smile: Where are you Eternal Merlin’s Imp? :sob:


@Alkahest hardest part is the IMP. already have sword. ring. and armor.


That darn imp! :laughing:


I have the legendary merlin imp. Took me a year. The eternal one can get stuffed because I’m not looking for him


@dickwad could you imagine if you had gotten an Eternal Merlin first? and all the affixes were unusable on any builds that you like to Craft?


Even the legend merlin can only have 1 affix crafted @Golem :anguished:I leave him alone … he’s my precious :smiling_imp: