Bow build, Exposed or Skilled mythic?

for a bow build using mostly guided shot, is exposed or skilled better? Exposed gives 50% damage to pierced enemies and skilled adds 50% more main hand regular attack damage. I’m leaning toward skilled since with exposed the first shot doesn’t get any bonus since i’m assuming that is the hit that pierces which exposes the mob.

thanks in advance.

Skilled mythic is much better… just put more attack speed and element damage on your bow then add “2 or higher multi attack or extra attack chance”… you can kill enemies faster with that bow build.

I hope that i helped you :slight_smile:

Skilled mythic indeed a must have for powerful primary skill like bow. Also with multi attack, extra attack, hero point and push the limit for bow since bow doesn’t need discordance for the multi and extra attack.
Good to know :smile: as usual .


Skilled is far better . Though your primary has that +Dmg per pierced thingy . That is OP with skilled . Add Demonic or Angelic for extra boost . But I suggest more Angelic In PvP :heart_eyes:

Angelic ftw :slight_smile: in attack speed and low CD skill.

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