Breaking down Enslavers and Pets - Legend vs Eternals


note : this thread is an incomplete WIP

The eternal that defies the basic template

Note this thread is incomplete WIP.

Foreword :

Eternal legends. Why are these items, in General, so tasty and desired? Well, for most advanced players, while they may seek that one or two eternal items, or crystal eternal items, most builds do not utilize full sets of eternals. Why? Simple. They can’t be edited to any great degree with the exception of fabled gear.

So what does make the odd eternal really viable or desired? Well, it’s the design really. These eternal items are merely duplicates of their legend counterpart, but with DOUBLE the affix value. But it’s this design that works so well with gear, that actually hinders the eternal pets vs their legend versions.

information incomplete - work in progress

Now, there has been full eternal builds such as the one created here by @Griffin , but as Griffin states in his thread, more for fun then optimized power.

So, if most well designed builds use more legends or mythic gears then eternals, there must be a reason for this. Clearly eternal gear has the better affix stats, but WITHOUT the ability to edit them, crafting and customization falls to legend / mythic gear. It is here, with the use of legends that have PREDEFINED values, one can begin to mix and match legend items affixes to begin the basis of their build. Additionally, legend gear allows one to strip out undesired affixes and replace them with their end vision dream pieces. Every now and then a legend may have all the right affixes for your base, so an eternal legend would be even dreamier, because it will have doubled affixes of all you desire.

BUT WAIT… there seems to be a template rule to legends and their eternal legend counterpart that really matters. This is where pets fall apart, straying from the general design philosophy.

-predefined legends

All legends for the most part, have written in stone designs. Although there’s exceptions, these are far and few. This means when you find a legend or craft a legend via codex, you know exactly what you’re going to get. And it’s eternal legend version will be reflective of this completely.

-predefined Eternal legends

Take a legend, double all its stats, making it no longer editable. Seems pretty damn great for those odd eternals that make it into your build, right?

Unfortunately, pets throw these basic design rules out the window.

Legend pets do NOT have PREDEFINED affixes, with the exception of their set affix. But wait… if they don’t have any predefined affixes, and eternals can’t be edited, then with 150 or so epic affixes to randomly be pooped on the pet, coupled with the fact that many repeated slimes all have Elements affix, this leaves literally almost all eternal pet drops pretty much useless outside of some extreme niche builds designed to utilize the affixes on the said eternal pet. And this just isn’t optimal or even close.

You have about as good of odds winning the state lottery, over finding a useful eternal pet. In fact, I reckon you’re better off with those lottery odds.

Now, if legend pets had predefined affixes, then eternal pets would be on par with the eternal legend design philosophy. But they don’t. Additionally, is the added fact of drop rates.

Eternal pets are made out to be the god drops of DQ, with such low drop rates, you feel like you won the lottery. Until you identify it. In fact, they’re kinda some of the worst drops in the game. Hindered by their eternal design flaw.

Floor 2

Note : halfway through hour 2, eternalized has been buffed from 300 to 550 for the remainder of all runs. Will fix after accumulating more data.

Note : floor 2 ALWAYS REQUIRES the use of a monster spawn potion boost for any relevance. All hours are under the effects of this boost.

test : update

Floor 2 spam : Luck 1012% : Eternalized : 550

Hour 1 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 2 legend pets

Hour 2 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 3 legend pets

Hour 3 :

  • 1 eternal pets
  • 5 legend pets

Hour 4 :

  • 1 eternal pets
  • 4 legend pets

Hour 5 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 6 legend pets

Hour 6 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 5 legend pets

Hour 7 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 5 legend pets

Hour 8 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 3 legend pets

Hour 9 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 3 legend pets

Hour 10 :

  • 0 eternal pets
  • 8 legend pets

This concludes f2 monster spawn tests.

Special thank you to all contributors of mechanics, build and statistic informations and general insight into much DQ Stuffz



F500 spawn boost tests beginning.

Hour 1 :

  • 1 eternal pets (feat reward)
  • 1 legend pets



Notes no spawn - random drops

+1 eternal
+3 legends


information incomplete - work in progress


Given the extremely slim chances that you will ever find a well rolled, all inclusive Eternal Pet, in most circumstances, the Legend pets are the far better option.

It is my own personal opinion and observations, that the easiest fastest way to build your legend pet collection is to run f2 monster spawn spams with 75% ultra rare legend drop and 1012+% luck. This is most easily accomplished on f2m3. This will allow you to find ALL legend pets with the exception of Merlin who is locked behind f500m3

incomplete foot notes - subject to changes


Interesting proposal…

Legend pets similar to legend gears. Maybe make the pets aligned to class with Jasper Stone. Maybe only one per pet type and make them ultra rare (legend pets can still be the old drops with mixed affixes)… Livid Stitch, Rubik Lilith, Lederer Satyr, Steiger Bane, Clogon Storm, Griffin Tink, Casslasy Sera, Scooty Cerebus, Broadway Scout, Shays Rage, Skauls Trickster, Refia Shibe etc.

Predefined Pets with Syneries to their sets???
Legend Livid Stitch
2500 AR
7500 HP
25% HP
20% Poison or Regen (Druid/Poison Align)
10 Class Skill X
–> Drops on Poison Maps Starting Mythic 3 Map 500+

Eternal Livid Stitch
5000 AR
15000 HP
50% HP
40% Poison or Regen (Druid/Poison Align)
20 Class Skill X
–> Drops on Poison Maps Starting Mythic 3 Map 500+

Legend Rubik Lilith
Vampiric Touch
5000 ED
7500 HP
25% HP
50% Bleed
10 Class Skill X (Warrior Scalp)
–> Drops on Lava/Fire Maps Starting Mythic 3 Map 700+

Eternal Rubik Lilith
Vampiric Touch
10000 ED
15000 HP
50% HP
100% Bleed
20 Class Skill X (Warrior Scalp)
–> Drops on Lava/Fire Maps Starting Mythic 3 Map 700+

Et Cetera

My biggest issue is you only get a small chance to have an Enslaver on a map unless you are using Monster Boost. Legend pet odds still very low - this could be similar to having Merlins Imp drop. :thinking:

This would make pet hunting a lot more fun. However, I am not certain how much work it would take the ShinyBox team to develop, test and deploy this idea.

Edit: Might need to consider making all pets identified as they drop. No chance of having legend stitch drop and player gets to upload/download until they get Livid Stitch…

Could be easier to make eternal pets editable. Do not allow any set changes in order to maintain New Pet feat developed for Ver 3.0. Only allow Flourite, Sapphire and Calcite on eternal Pet. Each roll, except Calcite, costs 50-100 of that crystal type. Maybe allow Jasper Stone to align pet to class also but costs 50-100 Jasper per change or have no skills on pet and no need for Jasper ability??


You are so correct in regards to the enslavers being very seldom without boost. I ran experiments last night on f500+ without boosts, and across 50 maps or So, with nadj bonus, I still only found 6 enslavers. This can be a little heart wrenching. Lol

I actually really like your proposed idea, but I think that perhaps the easier quick direct fix, would be to allow some form of rerolling on the epic affixes of an eternal pet. Be it larimar, or combo of fluorite and sapphires, I really do feel something needs to be changed.


I did a little testing, and this does not seem to work as some have claimed. Perhaps it once did and developers changed it?

Or, perhaps I did the suggested method wrong. Either way, I do not condone exploits or cheats, but merely wish to seek out and correct misleading or false information.

Kill Enlaver Feats

in summary, legend pets are easily attained, and imo, far more valuable. Far too many eternal pets are useless (in fact, most are, without the aid of hacks and cheats).

I hope the developers consider how defiant the eternal pet is to the general rules laid out by legend to eternal items.

if @SteigerBox and @tdaniel give this thread a quick read, i will be happy. i hope to see this considered at the very least, but ultimately, im quite happy with legend pets. they do their job well.

note : ongoing work in progress thread.


like the thread and the in depth look at Legend/Eternal pet drops, and the pros and cons of said pets.



theres been some much heavily debated and speculated talk around pets, and a few key stats as to their effectiveness. so here i ask you if you can confirm or deny to set our weary minds at rest please.

ultra rare legend % - does this affect pet drops.
eternallized - does this affect pet drops.



somehow I ended up back in this thread, and I can’t help but wonder…if Normal-Legend pets need 5 crystals each time you use a crystal to craft it, why not make it 10 or 20 crystals each time you use a crystal to craft an Eternal pet? sure, you get to craft an Eternal pet item, but getting the affixes you want will be prohibitively expensive in crystals. and to make it balanced, any affix that was crafted by a player starts at minimum value, so players need to get the affixes maxed by finding Enslavers.
and here is a question: has anyone gotten an Eternal pet outside of the Enslaver Feat Rewards? I ask because if we haven’t, then ultra rare legend % and Eternalized set wont help in getting pets, but if you have, then I think the chances are so low, that even with the ultra rare legend % and Eternalized set your chances of getting said pets is still pretty low.
just look at this thread if you don’t think otherwise. :smile_cat:
personally, I think ultra rare Legend % does work a little bit. I played maybe over a year, and got 3 legend pets, but after I got the Perk, in 4 months, got 3 more legend pets. but this is not a scientific method, so don’t quote me on this. and I think the time is off a little bit too. and I think the Accomplished Perk helped a lot also. I guess I am not being very helpful, sorry every one. :frowning2:


Nope - this is a subset of Legend drops that don’t include any pets.

In a way - Eternalized increases the chance of any given Legend drop to be Eternal.


got ya. hugely appreciate the clarity. ty


Someone is spoiling how i farm pets :crossed_fingers:t2: Drolls