Bringing DQ to next Level!


1st: Crystal Stash and Mythstone Stash should be buy with gold maybe 20 mil. Each

2nd: Premium Stash Should have Crafting Luck 10-20% maybe, so it would be so so useful.

3rd: Some of the MH primary skills are boring cause when you use it you just stays in one place how about change into Combo Three…

*ON HAMMER (1st Use - Smashes forward on enemies for 5% chance of stun and Deals 50% MH / 2nd Use - Same as 1st Use / 3rd Use - Jumps and KnockBack the enemies on a AoE Radius Dealing 100% MH)

*ON AXE (1st and 2nd Use - slashes forward and Deals 50% MH/ 3rd Use - Whirlwind a little bit for 100% MH and apply 30% bleed chance)

*ON DAGGER (1st and 2nd Use same the axe / 3rd Use - Blink to enemy for 100% MH dam, Then 25% Speacial CD decrease)

*ON SWORD (1st/2nd Use - Same as the axe / 3rd Use - Wave’s Sword just like Flurry thingy Deals 25% MH dam. on 0.25 sec. last for 1 sec. So it will deal 100%)

Charge on lance should charge it self with the enemy in front on PVE

4th: 1st season vanity back item on PVP should be on shop… cause the defenders aegis makes my warrior looks like a turtle TBH… lol

5th: OH items should have new designs… to make it more cooler…

6th: MH should have talents… and changing talents also change it’s color… cause i hate when your hammer color are fink LOL… and make the aura on MH/OH blends to the item… cause the aura on lance looks weird…

AND FINALLY 7th: A bucket for this lots of lots of nosebleed… Sorry for my english guys… but it’s undertand-able tho. LMAO

Don’t know about you guys on what your thinking just sharing thoughts… share your opinion guys…

Peace Out.