Brutal or exposed?

What is better mythic in chest piece brutal or expose ? For bow rogue… Is discordance guidedshot still viable in 2.1 patch ?

Im gonna go for Brutal!

But it doesnt mean that Exposed isnt viable, still your choice…

Not tested the Discordance + Guideshot so better try it or wait for others to give you the answer!

Tnx… Im using brutal atm ya planin to test exposed once i got the crystals ready … I saw LOKHO build of discordance guided seems good but there are rumors that in 2.1 patch discordance does not work like before. Is this true?

Btw skilled mythic skill amplify guidedshot or scattershot?

im assuming this is for pvp. Id go with Skilled because it’s not based on chance %. Brutal depends on crit chance and deadly strike while Skilled isnt.

Though some still opt Brutal in PvP and inflict massive Crit Dmg when Deadly Strike kicks in!

I already tried Discordance with Skilled :slight_smile: it really does pack a damage but in exchange of first skill cd :slight_smile:

Haha… i tried discordiance+skilled in bow… it works too… and it deals great damage too…

Ur multishot will deal lot damage if u use discordiance+skilled… all u need is max 20 stat for multishot and 20 agility for additional reduce CD… and the damage is up to your build on how you make it deal more damage… :wink:

U can see that build on Xtreme lohko rogue bow build… just check in build compendium…