Brutal or Skilled


what do you think about the two myths…
Having a flintrock-roque… What is better?

I mainly use Ricochet so I used Skilled :smile:

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Skilled to seriously buff Flintlock MH% combined with Multi Attack , Hero Points and Push the Limit and that’s without discordance. Then with high attack speed, this is a brutal combo to really wreck hordes of enemies.

Brutal for 3× crit from deadly strike instead of 2× crit from deadly strike but you won’t have that MH% increase from skilled . Even then , high attack speed and lots of powerful deadly strikes and for frozen build, it’s great too if each explosion becomes deadly strike .
I’m sure there are other reasons but it’s up to you which one you think is best.

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I use this build - Rogue Flintlock PVE Build: Miss Fortune

What would you prefer there?
I know, she used brutal… But when I think about, i guess, skilled is the better choice


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Yeah, Skilled is the better choice? :grin:

I have a miss Fortune build with Brutal and so far it’s going great at floor 800 M3. 5 minutes max clearing time and my highest crit was 187532.00B something

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It really is up to you XD.

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