Brutal vs exposed

this is my current farm build (one uses eternal chakrams for straight dps and another non-eternal so i could change special attack to twister for crowd control. i was wondering if i should change brutal to exposed and which can do more damage: brutal or exposed?


Exposed requires you to have attacks that Pierce your enemies, or that Myth Stone that lets your attacks Pierce enemies. If an enemy is Pierced, then Exposed gives your attacks against Pierced enemies +50% damage.

Brutal causes your Deadly Strikes to do 3x Critical Damage instead of 2x when your Critical Hits get a Deadly Strike.

I am not sure, but do Whirling Blades Pierce enemies? I think Boomerang does (sorry, got your build confused with another players Whirling Blade build). basically, with Exposed, you get a constant +50% damage for all attacks before you Crit Hit & Deadly Strike. if you have Deadly Strike on your Pet, then 40% of your Critical Hits will be Brutal. if you also have a +75% Crit Damage on your Pet, then when you get Deadly Strikes, Brutal is 13.5x your weapon damage (if your Crit Damage is +300%).

the Mythic Skilled gives your MH Primary Skill (Boomerang) a +50% damage without having to worry about Piercing.

if you have Celerity, you are probably doing more damage right now with Brutal for spike damage than with Exposed or Skilled with constant damage.

hope this helps.


There is also DMG+% per pierced on some skills that Pierce. 25-50% per enemy. Seems similar to Exposed mythic or can be combined together. Exposed might do this for skills that don’t have the trait in heroic points. Exposed potential to multiply per pierced enemy :thinking: ?
New thought.
And you can run it with Brutal with Criticals + Deadly Strike.

I know chakram and whirling blades are decent but part of that is the Damage per pierced, the MH% and the Talents. Attack speed as well to reduce delay.
I do have other pierce skills in mind that are considered powerful with its per pierced and if manually added.

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