Budget build for roque


I have a team combination:
Wizard - Main - full farm stats
Roque - Hireling - should have full dps stats

Anybody has a good budget build for roque to clear floors as hireling really fast?

I like this one

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Thanks, that looks good!

But what I don´t get, what for “normal items” did the build use, to get all the powerful items?

Any farming set. Try to reach max luck + gold find + item drops + crystalline (for crystals) (may be somewhat hard to get) and for damage use crushing blow + crushing flames (5) (very cheap)

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All on one hero?

nah, on hireling. on main just use a fortune bringer

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So main should have all the farming equip like crystalline, Nadroij and so?

Hireling should use CB + CF?

dont need all, only crystalline for better crystal drop rate, cause you can buy rare legends and eternals with dust, but you can use both eternalized and nadroji if you like finding them instead of buying.