Buff some heroic (points spend) Sprint,


  1. I noticed the sprint Heroic, there is not that much point putting points into even though I use it a lot.

The Duration increase is useless when the Buff lasts only 4 seconds (+1% of that per point… not even 1 second extra at 20 points)

Improvment: give it flat seconds increase, fir instance 0.5 or 0.25s… This isn’t too strong since you can spam it anyways, but it makes spending points into it a little more attractive

Another BETTER improvement could be movement impairing resistance… (since the spell is based on movement increase…) give it like 1 to 2% per level anti crowd control.(And therefore a smaller buff to duration like 0.1s)

  1. WIP? more to come, or heroic improvement ideas from other people

Pierce: 1,5% projetile speed -> 3% projectile speed

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like any Skill Buffs when you put Skill Points into a Skill, it depends on the Build, Play Style, and the Map.

even I know that some Skill Buffs aren’t all that useful, unless you have a Build and Play Style that makes use of it.

haha, some Skills have really good Buffs that make up for a poor Buff.

at a minimum, you are putting Skill Points into Sprint for the extra DMG & Movement Speed. it’s up to you to make use of the extra Spell Duration.

when my Wizard used Storm, I loved the DMG & Attack Frequency Boost, but I hated how Storm had a Knock Back effect. so I just used Ice Element with Frostbiting. no more Knock Back and tons of DMG. you just have to make the Skill work the best you can with how you Craft.

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Some skills have only 3 buffs (non-damaging skills). Why can’t these skills have 4 buffs.

increasing DMG is one of the Buffs from adding Skill Points to Skills. Stealth, Coat, & Vault don’t do DMG, so they don’t have that part of the Skill, so only 3 Buffs.

why not add this as a suggestion for future upgrades/Patches to DQ.

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