Bug Cannot Claim The PvP Rewards. HELP

Please Help Me. I play PvP but I can’t claim those rewards or open on those messages. It always show no internet connection, well I’m using 5MBps Wifi or The Best Cellular Data on My Country ( Indonesia ).
Help me, planning to hireling rogue and warrior but it will be useless if i cant claim those prize when playing online PvP. This is some SS. I love this game please help me, thanks fellas :+1:

Welcome to the forum @yubifreak!

I cannot make suggestions on your situation as it appears you tried both wifi and cellular data.

However, @brang is indonesian and might help you with what is probably a local issue.
Also try contacting the devs via email: support@shinyboxgames.com

@brang. Where are you?

I did contact the dev but the answer like they dont know what to do :persevere: like, how dev cant fix this thing…
Its just minor bug on acc database i guest, but i dont have acces for that, they have…
it seems like they dont care make me sad :persevere:

I believe that we went back and forth over email about 10 times.

The issue is not with the game and it is not with your save game data.

In the email we discussed this, you even said that your friend was able to access and upload their save data just fine but you cannot.

With all of those data points I still believe that the issue is with the internet connection you are using.

In the future at please accurately represent the help that was offered.

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Do you read clearly what i sent you guys?
This is the point :
My Account Above on my LG G6 PHONE can’t CLAIM that REWARDS.
So I CLEAR CACHE, THEN My Friend Name Rofi, LOG IN HIS OWN ACOUNT USING MY PHONE LG G6 ( THE EXACT SAME PHONE OR IMEI NUMBER ←THIS LG G6 PHONE IS MINE ) and He can claim his own rewards box after play some pvp on my lg g6 phone, the internet is super fine baby. Why you blame my internet if my friend CAN LOGIN AND CLAIM THE REWARDS USING MY OWN PHONE LG G6, WHEN MY account CANT ? :slight_smile::slight_smile: THE GAME Keep pop up those no connection when I CLICKED THE REWARS JUST LIKE PICTURES I SENT YOU ABOVE.
Can you just check instead your database please. I playing this game about 3 years and this is the first time i got problem. And the feedback just this bad. So sad.

*my friend also using the same wifi ( this is my wifi ) and the same phone( my lg g6 phone) and he have no issue while my account has.

Is this one supposed to be directed to me?
If yes, sorry.
If no, okay. :grin:

Not at all.


I have checked your account on my end I have also used your save data on my end and am able to check your message queue on my end, that is why I do not think this is an issue on our end.

If you are not satisfied with the level of service you are getting or happy with the game we encourage you to find another game to enjoy that will give you no problems or issues.

There is nothing I can check on my end regarding your save game that I have not already reviewed.


I dont need those rewards or message for now, can you delete all of it or help me to save it to my inventory account ?, maybe the problem will fix after its dissapear, hopefully. Sorry for my bad english.

The problem is basically your sources of internet connection are unreliable. I have the same issue. So when using free public Wi-Fi network with unreliable connectivity I don’t save game data or claim arena rewards. When I get home I do it there because an housemate allows me to use his broadband for a small fee. It’s reliable and my game usage doesn’t interfere him from watching his constant downloading of NCIS boxsets which we occasionally watch together with a few beers.


Also the same goes with in game purchases. I only use his secure and reliable connection. On public transport Wi-Fi on route to work I just play the arena or do off line farming. I save game data at home and collect rewards at home. So basically the devs hands are tied. They have no control of internet connection I’m afraid.