BUG: Freeze solid

As far as I know only one Legendary Item has ability to freeze enemy solid. But I found other items randomly created this effect (normal ice skull, ice sword, Stengir’s Fortune). Is this a bug?

There’s a talent “Wizardry” that does this that appears on Hats, but that’s described as “Elemental Critical” which means:

Fire -> Chance to Immolate
Shock -> Chance to create Twister
Ice -> Chance to Freeze
Poison -> Chance to create poison cloud

So you might see the freeze happen with any weapon that’s Ice with that talent.

This shocking Twister, you know that no player will see it, right? It’s creating on mob, so it’s just add some DMG and POOF! It’s gone. Effect is ok (MORE DMG) but change twister to lightning or something, so players would see, that something happening :wink:. And tell us how much DMG it deals.

More damage? Bigger effect? Okay! :smile: