Bug in Battle Arena

What is “DEFAULT”? I always got killed by “Default” in One Hit

Since new users are not allowed to post more than one image, you can check all screenshot of my combat log here: Dungeon Quest: Battle Arena’s Bug

Please fix it dev :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for the bug report. This will get fixed with the next update.

Wow, very fast response. Good job dev! Can’t wait to try Battle Arena again when this bug got fixed.

well there’s a default attack in the offense section of the stats page but idk if that’s it

Default attack is the attack, which the hero is using, if he is our of mana or simply not enough ressource to cast skills.

where does the damage come from? does gear affect that or just the stat pts?

It’s the DMG without any skill modification.

It’s a known bug in game that Rogues are using to win. it is supposed to get fixed next patch and you will see 90% of the Rogues jump ship because they will have no idea how to play their character.