My stats says i have 60% dodge. Where i only have 29.5(crystal), all sets are evasion, 20 points on dexterity. Im still wondering i dont have any dodge affix on my eternal pet. I really want to know cuz i dont have veil talent also. I am currently at floor 1998 and im doing mad dmge with ease (highest stat dmge is 15b). I only play one charac which ia rouge and doesnt use hireling. If this is a bug…i will be really disappointed. :frowning:

All set of evasion and high dexterity is the factor of having some higher percentage of dodge even if you only have low actual dodge affix … just try to figure it out dude you’ll see it :wink:

I have 29.5 on crystal, 10.5 on 20 dex, and 6 evasion nature which results to 9(6 x 1.5). So to compute 29.5 + 10.5 + 9 = 49% dodge. Still finding that 11%…

Try to check the amythist set affixes that you are using. See if theres some dodge affecting effects on those.

Every character has a base 10% Dodge. Rogue also gets extra Dodge for investment into Power.

All hail scooty :sweat_smile:

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Oh i see if every character has 10% base dodge then… The missing 11% on my comp is from base dodge and from the 299 power. I thought it was a bug.

Yes. I believe you get 0.05 (please correct me if I’m wrong since I haven’t studied Rogue in a while) dodge per power stat investment with Rogue. If you’re using Rogue and if your power is 299, you can change your nature’s to something else, otherwise your losing your natures, right? :thinking:

I dont know what natures your talking about but all my gears where set into evasion thus, 1.5 x 6set = to 9.0 dodge. I dont know if power stats for rouge has dodge

Just trying to help you out. I assume you are not using Epiphany on your gears. The max dodge you can obtain in PvE without Epiphany is 60%.

Your current Dodge stat 60%

You have provided the following info:
–Cyan Dodge affix 29.5%
–20 Hero Pts Dex or 0.5% Dodge x 20 = 10% Dodge
–Base Character Dodge 10%
–Dodge nature’s 6x1.5%=9%
–299 power x 0.05 = ~15% Dodge (Only Rogue)

29.5%+10%+10%+9%+15%=73.5% Dodge

You are losing 13% Dodge since you are not using epiphany. Each Evasion/Dodge nature is 1.5% and you have it on 6 gears. You can change those nature’s to something else (luck, critical chance, critical dmg, etc) and still have 60% Dodge. :smiley:

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Thats a good idea. I might change that 6 items into strength or elemental

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Yep!! Right now you are not using your nature’s since they are evasion/dodge and your are at the 60% Dodge cap. A little Beryl can make your Rogue stronger :facepunch::facepunch:

I must have used the epic affix dodge rather than the cyan affix. I just need 50% dodge. To think i was able to climb 2000+ floors without noticing this especially the stat power attributes for rouge…

OK fair enough. You have a good handle on things now. :+1: