It s a bug with bow build ,i have 4 multi attack and i shoot with one arrow,try it!

Extra attack affects meele, multi attack affects projectiles?

i thought arrows without multi, the arrows (sorry cant speak english well) have spaces between them ,unlike with multi, arrows are non stop, maybe im wrong maybe im right hahaha

multi attack gives extra free attacks, that do 50% damage MH each. it only works with your primary MH skill. some weapons show extra projectiles, like Comet will have extra comets. even if the weapon doesn’t show extra weapon effects, you still get the extra damage. at least that is what I have read in the Forums.
also, different weapons that have the animations for it, will show the extra attacks similar to the original attack, and some might be a little different than the original. some day I’ll have to take a look at how the different skills look with multi attack.

Discordance multi attack ftw though :slight_smile: . Also it basically means double or triple MH depending on how much you added and your attacks. I mean other attacks does make sense.

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