After i restored from dq acc i cant click campaign

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You need to “approve the use of your email address”. There will be a pop up that happens before the game starts that states you give us permission to store your email address with your back up save data. You need to agree to that before you can play.

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I cannot play,it keeps crashing when i start the campaign.Help pls T_T

This has worked for a few other players (although I do not know why…)
Try restarting your device
Before you start DQ put your device in Air Plane mode (no internet/wifi/etc)
See if that works.

Hidevs or shiny box its me spikedgrass I have problem on this one its serious after the download and press the X in top of the right when I press campaign it won’t press I spam spam spam it it won’t work I think its not letting me play the game please fix the bug