So when ever I try rerolling an affix or do anything with crystals. It consumes them all. How do I fix this? It’s almost everything. Adding affixes, rerolling, and removing sockets. Just used my crystal to remove a socket and it used all 4

Yikes…that’s awful.

It happened on a pet. So I did some digging and found out that that’s normal. But it also did it on my mh and oh aswell. So I reported the issue. But seeing as this game is old, probably won’t get fixed. The fix I found was to just completely close the game. Now my equipment takes the normal amount of crystals

were you using Quartz? they take off a random number of affixes, except the Seven Deadly Sin Set Curse Affixes.

and with Pets, it costs 5 of whatever Crystal you are using each time you push the button. but only 9 Crystals can be used on Pets.

Was using single and all affix rerolls, single and all stat reroll and affix remove ceystals. I know about the pet being more but it was doing it on my weapon and oh aswell

ok, let’s see if one of the Dev’s can help. summoning @tdaniel :man_mage: !



Sounds like you are using an older version of our game. That was a bug (along with the pet issue) that was fixed a while ago.

Are you using the latest version of DQ from the Apple App or Google Play store? If so, shoot me a dm with your DQ Account email address and I will check out your account.


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I use an iPhone 11 and just downloaded the game like 2 weeks ago. It fixed itself once I hard restarted the game.

Very weird…thanks for the heads up!