Bugged Enslaver Drops

I was killed an Enslaver yesterday and a hound dropped i saw the text(You Found Legendary Hound) when i picked it encountered with Genesis(Terrashaper Imp).
I deleted app data cuz i couldn’t find good set affix on my warrior and i dropped another Legendary Pet long time later this time it was a fairy and lived same thing.Now Bane(DeadlyArts Imp) in my inv.Wth is going on :sweat_smile:

@perseusdoge you played with Hunter Boost? or just a normal map?

Just was played on normal maps without boosters or buff mythics.

@perseusdoge @tdaniel

just bought hunter boost yesterday. equipped Eternalized(7) and expecting to get at least useful legend pets. 1 hour speedrun on Enslaver (floor 2) but no luck. no legends/eternal pet. :frowning: also. as we all know. floor 2 was small map right? but take a look at this. this was from floor 2. :open_mouth:

Lmao It’s soo weird.

@perseusdoge yes. the RNG GOD is being harsh to me.

this is what i’ve got. :thinking:

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Lmao headlesses :joy::joy: Game is destroying @tdaniel

I don’t know what that even is…only portions of the HUD are being drawn and the rest is a mess…restart your phone maybe?

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I lived both on different days and i was did.If u are talking about last one it fixed.