damage no out … in pvp

Please elaborate?

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my attack is not out when pvp :frowning:

I guess you wanna try to say is you cannot see your DMG numbers flying in PvP?

Try to check the option maybe you accidentally “OFF” the settings of seeing flying numbers. :grinning:

i attack enemy dont dead in pvp but it in campaign enemy can dead

Sounds terrible :scream: So you attack all players like attacking air,no damage dealt,nothing? Better with screenshot.

how to send screnshot?

Hope you can understand.

in my screen do not icons

I think this is the ghost bug…

See if this helps. Look at what I circled in the bottom right. Select reply then select upload on bottom right corner. Wait for the link of your image to upload before you finish and press reply or it will say “uploading…”

no dmg numbers?